How to Determine the Best Smash Repair Shop For Your Car

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When comparing quotes from smash shops after an accident, you may be confused as to how to determine the best shop for the work you need done. You don't want to make this choice based on price alone, as there may be other factors that are important to you when it comes to your car's overall condition. Note a few of those factors here so you can take a second look at any quote you get, and are sure to choose the right shop for your car's repairs.

Genuine parts

Some smash shop quotes are cheaper because the mechanic will use off-brand parts. These parts are often not as durable as genuine, name brand parts, so they may need repairs and replacement sooner than those genuine parts. Off-brand parts also may not fit other parts on your vehicle so precisely, so that the car may vibrate more, or those other parts suffer more wear and tear.

However, that being said, off-brand parts are typically still quite durable, and can be a sufficient choice for your car. You also may not be worried about the longevity of car parts used, if your car is older and you know you may sell it within a few years. Use discernment when it comes to off-brand versus name brand parts, but understand that your choice may affect the smash shop quote you get.


As with parts, cheaper paints may not be as durable and may not be as true to the original colour of your car as name-brand paints. This also may not concern you if you drive an older vehicle, but it's good to ask the brand of the paints that will be used, and note if a different brand may affect the quote you get.

Courtesy car

Note if a smash shop provides a courtesy car, or even transport back home, if you're able to drive your damaged car to their shop. Compare the cost of renting a car while your car is being repaired, or the cost of transport back and forth to the office or elsewhere. If a shop will provide a courtesy car, your quote might be a bit higher, but it can be worth that added cost if it means having a cheaper car than one you rented on your own. You also want to consider the convenience of having another car, or of getting transport back and forth to your home or office while your car is being repaired, so you can then decide the best shop for your car.

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