Signs Your Differential Gasket Is Malfunctioning

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Your vehicle's differential gasket may seem like an innocuous component, but the reality is that it plays a crucial role in keeping your differential system functioning at optimum. The gasket is designed to seal the housing of your differential system, which works to prevent leaks as the internal components of the diff are being lubricated. Therefore, when this gasket acquires some damage and starts to malfunction, chances are you will start to experience issues with your entire differential. So what are some of the signs to be on the lookout for that would indicate a failing differential gasket?

Oil stains beneath the differential

If you suspect that your differential is malfunctioning, the first place to examine would be the underside of this vehicle component. When the gasket is compromised, oil steadily starts to seep out of the differential's housing. The amount of oil that would be present underneath the differential would depend on how long the damage on the gasket has gone undetected. A leaking gasket may not cause any red flags when driving. However, the longer the problem is left undeterred, the less lubrication the internal parts of the differential receive and this will ultimately have an impact on the performance of the vehicle.

Strange puddles when the car is parked

The second sign that would imply your differential's gasket has acquired some damage would be the onset of puddling right beneath your vehicle whenever it is parked. These puddles will typically be gear oil that has leaked out of the damaged gasket and could present as a collection of drops or a large puddle. Any leaks that are capable of creating visible traces on the ground should be addressed immediately. Failure to seek diff repairs could result in your differential breaking down due to friction and overheating.

Howling sounds when driving

The average motorist will likely not know how to diagnose problems with their differential as this is one of the most durable systems in your vehicle. Thus, strange noises being emitted due to a compromised differential gasket could inadvertently end up being ignored, leading to the aggravation of the problem. If you begin to notice your car emits strange whining or loud howling noises when you are driving, it implies that there is no lubrication inside the differential. Not attending to this causes accelerated damage to the interior parts of the diff, which can result in your requiring differential replacement.