Semi-Trailer Truck: Practices for Optimal Performance of Your Tyres

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If you handle commercial semi-trailer trucks, you should be diligent the maintenance of your tyres. If these components are compromised, you will experience vehicle handling difficulties. These problems could translate into road accidents. Also, if you keep your tyres in good condition, their lifespan will be longer, and you will enjoy better fuel economy. Here are some of the best practices to consider using for your freightliner truck tyres:

Check and Maintain the Air Pressure

The wrong air pressure level can make your semi-truck harder to handle and less safe. Also, this problem can cause accelerated deterioration of your tyres. Inquire about the recommended air pressure rating from your manufacturer or maintenance expert. Check your tyres regularly and ensure that the pressure is at the optimal level. It is advisable to perform this task when the tyres are cold since warm rubber cause expansion of air. 

If you check and adjust the pressure in heated tyres, you might unwittingly cause under-inflation problems. You will get better performance by taking the temperature into account. If low pressure is a recurrent problem in your vehicle, the tyre might be damaged. This type of under-inflation issue can cause blowouts and other tyre problems. Consult a mechanic for further examination and necessary repairs or replacement.

Perform General Pre-Trip Inspection

Most drivers check the condition of their engine, cargo and general semi-trailer truck structure before starting a commercial trip. However, the tyres are overlooked unless they have shown signs of deterioration and damage. If you would like to get the best truck performance, you should include tyre assessment in your pre-trip routine inspection. Listen to the tyre and ensure that there are no signs of air leakage. Check the general walls of the tyres and confirm that there is no mechanical damage. Also, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should be cautious and consult an auto technician first.

Monitor the Tyre Treads

The treads are useful indicators of the status and lifespan of semi-trailer truck tyres. Therefore, you should monitor these elements throughout the service life of your tyres. If you see uneven wear, the problem might be as a result of poor wheel alignment, improper pressure levels and related problems. Professional troubleshooting is necessary for restoration. Also, you should take note of low tread depth and plan for replacement. 

Finally, if you hit an obstacle such as large road debris, you should always check for tyre damage before proceeding.