Top Causes of No-Starts Characterised By Slow to No Engine Cranks

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Cars can act up at the most crucial times. One of the most frustrating car problems is trying to start your car but the engine doesn't turn over at all or it simply turns over slowly and goes silent. So, what could be the cause of this irking problem? There are many different potential reasons why your car won't start. Here is a look at the most likely causes of the problem.

Your car battery is dead.

Your battery is the all-important component that provides the power required to start the starter that makes your engine crank and run. Like many other components of your car, your car battery has a limited lifespan. When your battery reaches the end of its expected useful life, it will succumb to old age. Therefore, if your car won't start, it could be that your battery needs to be replaced. Luckily, bad batteries often show signs of weakening before they stop working completely.

Your car battery has low charge.

If your battery is relatively new, low battery charge could be the reason your car won't start. Check your battery voltage with a voltmeter and recharge your battery if need be. Otherwise, you will need to jump-start the car in order to get it running again.

Your car battery cables are loose or excessively corroded.

The battery cables connected to your battery terminals are what facilitate the flow of electrical current from your battery to your starter and other electrical components of your car. If these cables become loose or excessively corroded, they will not be effective at their job. Loose battery cables need to be re-tightened whereas corroded cables should be detached from the battery contacts, cleaned and connected again.

Your starter is bad. 

The starter on your car relies on the power of your battery to start your car. If your battery isn't the problem, then your starter could be bad. The starter relay or solenoid could be damaged or there could be a wiring problem with your starter.

There are several other possible causes of no- or slow engine cranks, resulting in no-starts. If you are unable to identify the exact cause of the problem, it is best to ask a qualified mechanic to do car repairs. A professional will have the knowledge, tools and skill required to provide an effective solution to the problem so you can hit the roads again.