How to Breathe New Life into an Older Caravan

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Do you look forward to your family holiday each summer, when you spend two or three weeks touring your favourite spots in your caravan? After all, this may be a cherished tradition and something that you intend to repeat for years into the future, especially as it helps to maintain a cohesive family unit. You may be perfectly happy with your trusty caravan and cannot really afford to replace it, but you nevertheless have to factor in the passage of time. Before you depart on your next trip, you may need to employ some TLC, but where should you focus your attention?

Improve the Ride

The most important part of the caravan is its suspension, as these components come in for the most abuse. You may also find that some of the rubber bushes and other elements may degrade as the vehicle "sits" out the slow season. Before you know it, the caravan will be listing to one side instead of being at a uniform level.

This kind of damage can be cumulative and if you don't do something about it, you may face problems when you head out for your trip. Consequently, it may be time for you to consider a suspension upgrade.

Look into the Features and Benefits

A stronger suspension system will certainly make it easier for you to tow the vehicle and make it more resistant to issues in the future. You will also be able to add more weight, enabling you to invite a family friend to come with you, and this will give you even more enjoyment for your money.

Upgrade the Suspension

Elevate the ride height by fitting an additional coil or leaf spring and this will also help to raise the vehicle up, so that it clears any obstacles along the way. Once you've done this and replaced the perishable components and rubber bushes, then you may have to adjust the coupling device that connects the caravan to the vehicle. This will take into account the difference in ride height and make it easier for you to tow your newly-configured van.

Confirm Your Work

Take care to ensure that your wheels and tyres fit securely and clear the wheel well before you finish any work. Once you're happy and everything has been done properly, you may be required to update the "spec" of your caravan by fitting a new modification plate, if your local authority demands.

Get the Experts to Help

Many people are happy to contract this work out to a specialist instead and simply enjoy the end result. Have a word with local caravan services and book the vehicle in with plenty of time to spare, so you can truly enjoy your annual trip.