3 Things to Do Before Calling a Mobile Mechanic

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Most services are moving to mobile options to meet the needs of more clients. One type of service that is expanding to go mobile is mechanics. Mechanics are now starting to offer mobile services to reach more clients and help clients that may have car issues and the inability to bring the car to the garage. If you are in a situation that can benefit from a mobile mechanic, then here are three things to do before you call.

1. Car Information 

Your mobile mechanic will need some basic information about your car and the issue the car is having. You will need to have the make and model of the car as well as a description of the issue to your best ability. The make and model will help the mechanic determine not only what parts may be needed, but also where they may need to get the parts for the repair. Keep in mind that older models of cars may have parts that are harder to find than newer models. With the car's information, you need to also explain the issue that the car is having. This may require answering some basic questions about the issue and what happened when the car broke down.

2. Insurance Claims

If your insurance will cover any of the repairs, you will need to have that insurance paperwork and card ready. Keep in mind that most of the repairs that insurance will cover deal with repairs connected directly to accidents. You will also need to make sure the mobile mechanic you are using will accept your insurance. In addition to the acceptance by the mobile mechanic, you will need to make sure that mobile services are covered by the insurance. The garage may accept the insurance, and the insurance may work with the garage. However, the insurance may not work when a mobile mechanic is called out to service the car.

3. Request a Quote

Though the mechanic may not be able to tell you the actual cost for the service, they can tell you a base quote. The quote will let you have an idea of how much the visit will cost, the hourly fee for the repairs, and other basic fees that will apply to the visit. The actual costs for the parts and installation of those parts may cost more depending on the mobile mechanic and their fee schedule.

By taking these three steps before you call a mobile mechanic, you can be better prepared for the mechanic visit. You can also be ready the repairs that may come up during the visit. Make sure to have your insurance paperwork as well if your car insurance will be covering any of the repairs.