Signs You May Need Transmission Repairs

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You are driving down the road as usual and your car starts to shake a bit. You think there is no problem. The next morning you notice a red liquid under your car. These could both be signs that your car needs attention. Here are some other signs that signal you may need transmission repairs.

Slipping Gears

You count on your car for a smooth ride. When you start to feel your car shake, especially when starting out or as it shifts gear, there is a definite problem. This could be caused by slipping gears. One common sign that you need an auto transmission repair is your car missing or struggling to change gears. This will feel like a jerking or shaking sensation when your car shifts. This is caused by your car finding the right gear but sliding out of position, causing your car to jerk as it tries to engage the gear again. This is a definite sign that you need transmission repairs.

Fluid Leaks

Another sign might be fluid leaks. When your transmission fluid (which is a red or pink fluid) begins to leak, your transmission will not be able to function properly. This loss of fluid can cause the parts to become overheated and cause gear slippage, or in extreme cases, for your transmission to lock altogether. Fluid leaks are a sign that your car needs to be checked and could need transmission repairs depending on the extent of the fluid loss.

Warning Lights

Warning lights on your dash are a sign that something is wrong. Most cars do not have a light specifically for problems with the transmission, so they use the check engine light. While this light can signify many different problems with your vehicle, transmission is definitely one option. You will want to get it checked right away. If you have had any of the above signs of problems and now have a check engine light, you probably need transmission repairs. You will need to take your car in as soon as possible.

If your vehicle is slipping gears, is leaking fluids, has a warning light, or just feels off, you will want to have it serviced right away. Waiting to get auto transmission repairs could cause further damage to your car or leave you stranded alongside the road. Transmission repairs are better caught early to save you time, money, and further problems with your vehicle. Making an appointment for service takes no time at all and could save you greatly in the long run.