3 Sounds Indicating Your Brakes Are Starting To Fail

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When you drive, every part of your car must be in good condition because even the slightest issue could result in a fatal, avoidable accident. Your brakes, like every other mechanical component, have a shelf life and may need repair or replacement to continue working properly. Since your brakes are extremely important for your safety while driving, make sure you head to a mechanic immediately if you notice any of these noises.

Squealing Noise While You Drive

If you drive and start to hear a high-pitched squealing sound consistently and it stops when you hit the brakes, then it could be because of a problem with the brake pads. They may be old, worn-out or damaged. This can happen if you haven't gotten your brake pads checked or if you hit the brakes hard and often. Brake pad wear indicators make a sort of metallic squealing noise when they start to touch your rotor, and this is a sign that your brake pads may need replacement.

Grinding Noises When You Hit The Brakes

When you hit the brakes to slow the car down, there should be no sound. If you hit the brakes and start to hear a strange grinding noise, then it could be because of a stone caught up in the brake pads. But if that's not the case and the grinding noise keeps persisting, then it could be because the brake pads are wearing out or because of a lack of proper lubrication in the brakes. This could happen because you have gone too long without getting your brakes or car serviced. If you notice this noise every time you brake, you'll need to get to a mechanic immediately to get your pads repaired or replaced.

Vibrating Noises While Braking  

If you hear vibrating noises, or if your entire vehicle vibrates when you hit the brakes, then it could be because of a jagged rotor. Rotors are big discs found inside the tyres of your vehicle. When you brake, the brake pads hit the rotors and slow them down to stop your vehicle. Jagged rotors don't provide a smooth surface for the brake pads, which may result in vibrating sounds when you brake. Left ignored, this will start to wear out your brake pads even faster. You may need to get the rotor replaced or evened out so that this vibration doesn't arise every time you hit the brakes.

None of these noises is natural when you brake, so make sure you head to a mechanic for brake repairs immediately if you notice them.