How to Ensure You Hire the Best Panel Beaters

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If you get into an accident or some object hits your vehicle's body forcefully, it is bound to get distorted. You need panel beater services to restore your vehicle to its original state or better.

Panel beater services are activities performed on your car's metallic body to straighten it, even it out and make it aesthetically pleasing. They involve hammering, heating and cooling, sanding, application of filler and application of three coats of paint products.

Here's what you need to know to ensure you hire the best panel beaters:

Know Your Car Make and Model

Before taking your vehicle to a random panel beating workshop, it is important to make sure the panel beating workshop specialises in your vehicle make and model. This is important because you want high-quality results that can only be achieved by experienced and skilled panel beating specialists.

Skills and experience are gained by working on similar projects multiple times. Therefore, consider panel beaters who can show you multiple vehicles they have worked on physically and also in pictures.

Online Reviews

You will always find positive and negative feedback from customers online. Check social media and review websites and forums; this is where you will get genuine feedback. You want to see what the panel beater's customers say about the services they received. Keep away from panel beaters who have many negative comments.


Try to avoid looking for the cheapest panel beating services; this is because high-quality panel beating services are not cheap. You want to be able to look at your vehicle and see no signs that it was in an accident. You also want the repair work to remain durable for the longest time possible.

The low fee could be from the fact that low-quality paint products are used; these products do not last as long. You may be required to take your car back for repainting if low-quality paint products are used.

High-Quality Panel Beating Takes Time

If a panel beating company informs you that you will have your vehicle back in a few hours, have some doubts. Depending on how damaged your car is, panel beating work can take between a few days to a few hours. Remember, panel beaters need to inspect the level of damage, replace damaged components, straighten your vehicle's body and then apply paint products. These paint products also need to dry before you take your vehicle home.