Servicing a Car AC System in Preparation for Summer

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The Australian summer can be sweltering; therefore, the last thing you want is to be in a car with a malfunctioned air conditioning system. It is advisable to prepare your car's AC system for the scorching summer days. Since you need an AC system in summer, ensure that the device is working optimally before the season begins. It eliminates or reduces the chances of malfunctions when you need an AC system the most. The following maintenance tips will help keep your car's air conditioning system in good shape.

Wash Condensers Regularly

One of the many reasons your car's AC system does not work optimally is blocked condensers. Since an air condenser is located between a car's grille and the radiator, its primary role is to pressurise a gaseous refrigerant, allowing the efficient cooling of the air, which is then directed into a car's cabin. However, a dirty condenser blocks efficient airflow and subsequent cooling. When it happens, all you get is warm air blowing from AC vents. Therefore, you must clean a condenser regularly to remove dirt and enhance the cooling process in readiness for summer.

Vacuum Mats and Carpets

Naturally, the first things that come to mind when you think about an AC system service are the condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve and accumulator. However, they are not the only components that affect a car AC system's optimal performance. For example, the carpet and mat on your car's floor expose an AC unit to dirt and dust. Therefore, you can do everything right about maintaining a car AC system, but your efforts will be futile if mats and carpets are dirty. Hence, vacuum and clean car mats at least every week so that AC ducts and vents do not attract dust from the cabin.

Inspect Drive Belt

An AC compressor is critical to a car's AC unit. Notably, a compressor operates via the movement of a drive belt. Over time, a drive belt might experience wear and tear; therefore, adequate lubrication is necessary. Besides, inspect a drive belt regularly and identify signs of wear and tear. It allows you to make repairs or replacements early so that your car's AC system is ready for the harsh summer. Remember to lubricate the compressor belt and adjust its tautness to prevent catastrophic failure of the entire AC unit. In addition, top-up the AC refrigerant from time to time for optimal cooling. To learn more, contact a car air conditioning service