Planning a Car Build? 3 Questions To Ask Your Mechanic

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Vehicle upgrades are an easy way to improve your vehicle's functionality, performance, and comfort. Nevertheless, you will need a mechanic's input when contemplating a car build project. The extract below details some questions to ask your mechanic before commencing your car build. 

1. What Are the Recommended Upgrades?  

Your mechanic cannot give a definite answer without evaluating your needs. For instance, the mechanic could ask how you plan to use the vehicle. For example, will you be covering some off-road terrain or long trips, or do you intend to use the car to race? This information helps them determine the required upgrades. For instance, they could prioritise suspension and handling upgrades if you want to use the vehicle off-road.

Conversely, the mechanic could consider performance upgrades if you plan to take the vehicle to your local circuit or use it for street or drag races. For long trips, the mechanic could improve the vehicle's comfort, safety, and fuel consumption. For instance, they could install massage seats, a sunroof, a modern infotainment system, and ample storage space. 

2. What Are the Vehicle's Limits? 

Some vehicle upgrades affect the functionality and drivability of your car. Your mechanic can, therefore, advise on the upgrades to avoid. For instance, lowering helps improve the vehicle's centre of gravity and stability. However, too much lowering could cause problems when navigating bumps, curbs, and unpaved surfaces. The alternative would be to use an adjustable suspension that lowers or raises your vehicle to suit the desired use.

On the other hand, engine upgrades should be performed within acceptable limits. For example, if you install a large turbo, you significantly increase the car's horsepower. However, you risk damaging the engine block since it cannot handle excessive heat and pressure. In this case, the mechanic could recommend rebuilding the entire engine or using a sports engine. 

3. How Can You Manage the Build Costs?

Car builds can be pretty expensive if one is not cautious. Therefore, ask your mechanic to draw a build budget. This way, you know how much the build costs. Ask the mechanic to initiate some cost-saving strategies. For instance, you could go for used body panels since they have a similar appeal to new panels. Alternatively, you could opt for cheaper refurbished parts. For instance, a reconditioned turbo or supercharger offers the same performance as a new component. The mechanic could divide the build into stages if you are on a budget.